Developer Student Clubs GITA  provides a space for tech enthusiasts students to learn, share, and come up with new, viable ideas to solve real-life problems. Our aim is to build a community with more experience in technology and help local businesses.

What We Do


We conduct dedicated workshops and events to grow your knowledge of Google developer technologies like TensorFlow, Cloud, Firebase, and others.


Regular talks will be given to boost the confidence and groom the personalities of the students as well as informing them about the latest technologies.


Gain industry experience by developing technology-based solutions/projects to solve real world problems.

Our Motto

"We're a community of developers who like to learn, connect, and grow together while using technology to solve real-life problems."

We're constantly evolving and expanding to encourage more enthusiasts to climb this staircase of skills and solutions.

Ready to ?


Learn and grow your knowledge in a peer-to-peer learning environment.


Code to build projects to identify and solve real world problems.


Build your professional and personal network and work together to build solutions for local problems.

Cool Swags

Isn't getting some perks along with learning is cherry on the cake!

Then fasten your seat belts and board with us!


Core Team

Our core team is dedicated to using their skills and knowledge to bring out of the box ideas and give something back to the community.

Meet the Team!

About Us

Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement (GITA) is a well-known name in the field of technical education. Founded in 2004 and is situated on Bhubaneswar's outskirts, the college is a part of the famous Vidya Bharati Educational Trust. In the last few years, GITA has created a name for itself in the field of technical education in eastern India.


Gandhi Institute for Technological Advancement

Badragunathpur, Bhubaneswar
Odisha, India

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